Have a cozy weekend.


Happy Friday! What’s on tap for the weekend? Anybody going to visit Santa? They say we might get snow in the valley by Monday! Personal Weekend Goals: Stay in sweatpants, sweaters and fuzzy socks 100% of the time, and maybe bake something. Are these goals ambitious? You bet. Do I have what it takes to achieve […]

What’s happening? Your weekly events post

12/19/2015 World photo/Mike Bonnicksen
People crowd the street during the lighting ceremony at the 49th Annual Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival.

Looking for something fun to do? Here are a few events happening locally. Want more? Go to ncwcalendar.com. (Want a photo with Santa? Our holiday events post includes a list of places to see the big man.) The Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival returns this weekend, and again Dec. 9-11 and 16-18. Come for the lights, live […]

Library program brings book to life


Book-It Repertory Theatre of Seattle will bring the award-winning book “Last Stop on Market Street” to life at several North Central Regional Library branches in December. It is a story of a young boy riding a city bus with his grandmother and questioning why they don’t have a car. As they interact with fellow passengers, […]

A glimpse into the future


It was a typical afternoon and I was stumbling in the door to two very happy and wiggly little dogs, having just picked up my 7-year-old from school, when I received a random text from my 20-year-old son who just recently moved to Seattle. Son (in text): “Mom, it was soooo disgusting. Seriously. It was […]

Saying goodbye to the Academic Toolbox

10/22/2012 Business World photo/Mike Irwin
Dwight Byers, co-owner of Academic Toolbox, straightens shelves of Corolle baby dolls, which he things will be a hot-selling item this holiday season.

After 17 years selling educational toys and learning tools to local parents and teachers, Dwight and Sharon Byers are closing up shop. The Academic Toolbox will shut on Dec. 17. Until then, everything in the store is on sale. Right now, the entire inventory is going for 20% off regular prices. By next week, that should be […]

Fun with fungi


What living thing weighs more than 35 blue whales, but could be walked over without it knowing? Yep, a fungus — specifically, a honey mushroom in Oregon that is larger than 1,600 football fields and is thousands of years old. Fungi might seem boring at first, but once the learning starts, facts like these make […]

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