What’s happening? Your weekly events post

We’ve ALMOST made it to the weekend, ladies! What are your plans? If you’re looking for something fun to do, read on for our weekly list of local events: The Numerica Festival of Trees happens today through Sunday. The Little Black Dress Party is Friday. Holiday Spice — everyone’s favorite song-and-dance revue starring your friends and neighbors — […]

Memorial Christmas Tree Lighting

Perhaps your family is starting to look forward to the holiday season! For many of us, this can be the “most wonderful time of the year,” as we celebrate family and friends and blessings. We embrace family traditions and cherish the joys of special moments spent together. The holidays can be a reminder, though, of […]

The View from My Moon Roof

Last Friday, I ate Dilly Deli in my parked car at the bottom of Ninth Street. Alone. It was fabulous. You know that feeling when your three-day-old hair is resigned to a nasty knot on the top of your head, your smallest child cries unless held against your body by your fatigued right bicep, and […]

What’s happening? Your weekly events post

Happy Thursday! What’s everybody up to this weekend? If you’re looking for something fun to do, read on for our weekly list of local events: Tonight at the Numerica PAC, it’s a $3-screening of “Mrs. Doubtfire.” Pybus Public Market hosts free live music events every Friday evening. This Friday, it’s guitarist/vocalist Lance Tigner. The Wenatchee […]

Learn about the stars and universe at the library!

Astronomer Kevin Manning, a former consultant with NASA, will give an awe-inspiring, educational and entertaining program about the universe — from the very small to the very large in this exciting family program. Following the formal presentation and weather permitting, everyone is invited to go outside to view celestial objects in the night sky through […]

When breastfeeding hurts: Understanding D-MER

“Breast is best.” We’ve all heard that or seen the memes plastered across social media. While none of us can argue that the nutrition that comes from colostrum and breast milk is second to none, it’s a lot more complicated than it sounds and any new mom can attest to this. The reality is that you can […]