PSA: Please don’t ask about my plans for other children

I’ll never forget chatting with a friend at Hydro Park about six years ago. We pushed our babies, hers several months older than mine, in our strollers. We chatted about diapering and sleeping arrangements and breastfeeding. We exchanged birth stories, my induction and her emergency c-section, and how our husbands were now doing with fatherhood. […]

Sugar cookies for all!

Food allergies, man. My 15-month-old daughter has had one bumpy ride with food since her first taste of solids at five-months-old. Banana, avocado, yogurt, eggs, peanut butter–you name it, almost every baby staple you can think of produced some kind of allergic response. Skin pricks and one blood draw later confirmed that my family’s food […]

Exploring the moon

Quick! Do you know what phase the moon is in, without looking? Now that the days are so short, we have less time to spend outside in the sunshine. But, that also means we have more time to spend with the night sky! When we’re children, we’re naturally fascinated by space — by the vastness of it, […]

What’s happening? Your weekly events post

Happy Thursday! How’s everybody holding up this holiday season? All is calm? Yeah… didn’t think so. If you’re looking for something fun and festive to do with the kids this weekend, we’ve got you covered: When you head out to look at holiday lights, be sure to check out the Nelson home in Sunnyslope. Nick […]

What’s happening? Your weekly events post

What’s everybody up to this weekend? Need a few suggestions? Read on for a list of fun and festive local events: The Leavenworth Christmas Lighting Festival happens for the final time this weekend. Friday night, the YMCA is hosting a Parents’ Night Out event. Drop off your kids (ages 8 months to 8th grade) for an […]