The “P” word!

My daughter, who is in 5th grade, has been dreading the horrible PUBERTY lessons that have tormented 10 and 11 year olds since the beginning of the school year. To help prepare, we’ve been talking about it a lot at home – knowledge is power I always say. It at least makes it less scary. […]

Let’s talk about guilt

I am not a perfectionist. I don’t do the Pinterest birthday parties for my kids. There have been years when I almost forgot to buy the cake. (Thank you, Cupcake Blues, for whipping up pink kitty cat cakes at the very last minute.) And yet, even though I’m not shooting for perfection, I still feel guilt about how […]

Conversations with my kids

I’m Kathryn Bonny, a mother of two and human being in Wenatchee. For me, being a mom means a lot of things. It’s fun, difficult, amazing, horrible, terrifying, horribly terrifying, amazing again, fulfilling, boring and exciting — all at the same time. And I’m merely in the beginning of this crazy journey with them, being […]

Family-friendly events this weekend

The holiday season is in full swing and weekends are filling up fast! What do you guys have going on? My fiancé and I might check out the tree lighting in Leavenworth and watch Emma tromp around in the snow… Or what’s left of it, I guess. Here are a few events happening locally this weekend that should keep […]

Emma’s Favorite Homemade Pizza

Winter is a time for wine, sweet aromas dancing their way from the kitchen and spending time with the ones you love. While you are snuggled up in your favorite sweats and watching the snow cascade from overhead, try out a new recipe that everyone can help with — homemade pizza! Making pizza from scratch […]