Family Photos: A guide to a stress-free experience

As a photographer and a mom of two boys, I know first-hand how stressful and chaotic scheduling family photos can be.  Here is my guide to a wonderfully enjoyable photography experience. 1) Plan ahead. Schedule your session 4-6 weeks in advance. This gives you time to coordinate outfits. 2) Select the right outfits. Choose colors that are appropriate […]

The impossible dream

Maybe you’ve seen me? I’m the guy with the scowl most mornings as I drive my girls to school. It’s not the heavy morning traffic on Western Avenue that has me uptight. It’s my two girls. I know I should accept that my 6-year-old butterfly girl moves like molasses in the morning and politely refuses […]

Staying sane when life is crazy

Hi friends. Hanging in there? What a beautiful month we’ve had here in the Wenatchee Valley. Can’t believe all this snow! Refreshing and fun after some very dry winters. We hit the hills at Squilchuck for some sledding and drank gallons of hot chocolate, watched the snowflakes fall and frosted cookies. What about you all? […]

Have a good weekend.

What are you up to this weekend? My mom is going to watch the kids Saturday night and my husband and I are actually going to go out to dinner! At a restaurant! One where they don’t hand out crayons with the menus! Here’s hoping you all have fun weekends, too. In the meantime, check out a few links we liked […]

Babies of 2015

First of all, look at how cute those babies are. Say “awe” and smile and then keep grinning because there are more cute babies to come. If you would like to announce the birth of your 2015 baby and place it in The Wenatchee World, you now have the chance! Place a full color ad for […]

Talking to kids about death

While pulling into the Target parking lot last week: Me: We’re just getting diapers and a card for my grandma. No toys today. Not even the dollar toys. Got it? Kate (age 4): A card for your grandma? Me: Yes, she is old and sick and it sounds like she will probably die soon. Kate: Die? […]