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A year of heartbreak and hope

Goodbye 2017. You started by throwing me for a loop. You gave us a winter that showed up early and stayed late and I thought it would never stop snowing. Through that winter I struggled with my little sister’s death and asked why a girl with a perfect smile and one of a kind laugh […]

Goodbye, 2017

Today we say goodbye to old habits that die hard, we close a chapter on a full year of taking care of our babies, families, pets and we reminisce on all of the days we spent kissing little foreheads and counting little toes. We may be thinking of a loved one who passed this year, […]

This Is All Of Us

(Warning: Major “This Is Us” spoilers ahead…) Before a poet sits down to write a rhyme, a musician composes a song, or an engineer creates something extraordinary they all must be inspired. Previous to becoming a Mom I always knew my passion was writing but I didn’t feel that spark of ideas to write about, something profound that viewers […]

On being a cop’s wife

It’s Friday night, and I’m in my studio writing. Things are quiet except for my son’s white noise machine and the occasional shake of my dog’s head. The dishes are done and the kitchen is dark. The house is still. I can almost hear the candle burning in the corner. I love these nights. From […]

Six good things

Lovely, perfect October — That glorious month of fresh air and open windows, wild pink sunrises over the Valley, cookie-baking, coffee-making, sweater-wearing, pumpkin-everything. Just because this is my favorite month of the whole year, and because it’s almost over, here are a few fun things I’m loving lately: Want an instant fall pick-me-up? Whip up […]

Books we love: Wilderness, adventure and history

Every night before bed, I try and get some reading time in. Even if it’s five minutes. Generally I read nonfiction, although I do make exceptions for Cormac McCarthy, Sherman Alexie, and author friends. I tend toward books of outdoor adventures, usually set in cold weather. Although not a rock climber myself, I love books […]