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Raising kids who give back

When our children are very small, it can seem as though there’s no time in our days to look anywhere but inward, towards our families. We keep our eyes and hearts locked on our kids’ immediate needs, our marriages, our jobs and the constant, clumsy juggling act that is life with little ones. So many […]

Mother’s Day Gift Inspiration

Mother’s Day is THIS Sunday, May 12. If you’re still searching for that perfect present for your mom — or your mom friends — no worries! I spotted a ton of treasures while out for a walk around downtown this week that any woman would love to receive. Here are just a few highlights: Gardening […]

On loneliness and alone time

Motherhood is one great big lesson in paradox. Like when we become moms and feel at once personally important — to this baby and this little family unit — and completely obsolete professionally and to the wider world. Or when we yell our stubborn toddler to sleep at night, then sit by her bed after she’s […]

Odds and ends from around the web

It’s cold outside. Stay in and read the internet with me! Here are a few interesting links for your indoors-until-spring scrolling pleasure: How Mommy Drinking Culture has normalized alcoholism for women in America. Why You Should Treat Your Family Like Strangers. 10 Unique boutiques in NCW that will make you shop local again. Follow The Cabin […]