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The best travel apps for parents

Hello Wenatchee Mamas and Papas! Can you feel it? Spring is (kind of) here and summer is coming! And I hope that means for most of us we’ll get to do a bit of traveling. Whether it’s a local road trip to Washington destinations, flying somewhere within the states, or maybe even venturing out of […]

Why I love CrossFit, and my gym community

CrossFit: you either love it or loath it. You may be impartial or perhaps slightly intimidated because your only experience or exposure has been watching exceptionally fit women on TV who look like they can lift Volkswagens competing in the CrossFit games. You may even think to yourself, “I could never do that.” I am […]

TEAMS offers one-on-one parenting help

My four year-old is….well, he’s a challenge. He seems to live restlessly at the intersection of high intellect, struggling autonomy, and heightened sensitivity. He loves structure, and he needs to be engaged, both in a worthy activity and with a loved one (usually me) most to all of the time. He feels things deeply, and […]

Story time yoga for kids

Wondering what the heck to do with the kids when it’s this gray and cold outside? I’ve written before about BeYoutiful Hot Yoga and its many kids and family yoga classes: Baby and Me (non walkers), Toddler and Me (walkers –>3), 3-5 years old (must be potty trained), K-4th grade, and 5th -8th grade. Well now they’ve […]

Ever considered becoming a foster parent?

I received the following note from Hayley Stoebner of FosteringWA and wanted to pass it along to all of you: 2018 has arrived! Are you searching for a New Year’s resolution but just aren’t exactly sure what you should resolve to do? Do you love children and think they deserve to be cared for in […]

Travel with babies

AJ and I just got back from a long visit with my family in Northern California; and yes, we traveled by ourselves…which really means I traveled by myself with an 8-month-old baby. Yikes! Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this (he and I have made the trek to NorCal once before) but as […]

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