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Conversations with my kids

I’m Kathryn Bonny, a mother of two and human being in Wenatchee. For me, being a mom means a lot of things. It’s fun, difficult, amazing, horrible, terrifying, horribly terrifying, amazing again, fulfilling, boring and exciting — all at the same time. And I’m merely in the beginning of this crazy journey with them, being […]

Joy and calm this holiday season

Hi friends! Happy December to all of you (can’t believe it’s here already). This month is known for its cozy family time, magical moments, and honored traditions, but also for its tendency to drive parents mad with its crazy busyness. I’d like to share a few tips for making the most of this busy holiday season […]

Handmade Holiday: DIY wrapping paper

One of my favorite things to do as I decorate for the holidays is to theme all the wrapping papered packages so that our tree looks really sharp. It’s probably the tiny touch of OCD in me, but I totally get bothered when there are 11 different wrapping papers used on packages under the tree. […]


Hello and welcome to the blog! We are so happy you found us. Together, we can make this website a fun, supportive place for mothers in the valley. It will be like a network of moms, and everyone is invited. We’ll share tips, tricks, recipes and links from around the web, information about family-friendly events […]