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What matters most

When I first heard about Wenatchee Mom Blog, I thought, “What a great idea!” And then I thought, “Those young mothers need me!” I’m an old mother — my kids are now 37 and 33 so what I have to offer you is the voice of perspective. Today the focus is on…The Holidays. My family celebrates Christmas, […]

Candied motherhood

It’s December and there’s still some leftover Halloween candy in our house. Shocking, I know. We lovingly call it The Stash, and it’s pretty much a member of the family now. We might have padded The Stash with after-Halloween sales and early Christmas stock just to keep it going. Don’t judge… have you been to […]

Mommy, is Santa Claus real?

  The first time my son asked me that question, he was 5 years old and a girl in his kindergarten class had told kids during recess that Santa was just your parents. Really? In kindergarten? I wasn’t ready for that question. So I punted. I told him that if he didn’t believe in Santa […]

The “P” word!

My daughter, who is in 5th grade, has been dreading the horrible PUBERTY lessons that have tormented 10 and 11 year olds since the beginning of the school year. To help prepare, we’ve been talking about it a lot at home – knowledge is power I always say. It at least makes it less scary. […]

Let’s talk about guilt

I am not a perfectionist. I don’t do the Pinterest birthday parties for my kids. There have been years when I almost forgot to buy the cake. (Thank you, Cupcake Blues, for whipping up pink kitty cat cakes at the very last minute.) And yet, even though I’m not shooting for perfection, I still feel guilt about how […]