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On loneliness and alone time

Motherhood is one great big lesson in paradox. Like when we become moms and feel at once personally important — to this baby and this little family unit — and completely obsolete professionally and to the wider world. Or when we yell our stubborn toddler to sleep at night, then sit by her bed after she’s […]

5 Fertility-Enhancing Tips

If getting pregnant has been a bit of a challenge, or you’re just wanting to lay the best foundation for a healthy pregnancy, here are a few tips for enhancing fertility and chances of conceiving. Please check with your medical professional before making any changes and consider this article informational. For specified and tailored assistance, […]

On giving new moms room

My son’s birth six years ago went fine, but he had some feeding complications. When we were discharged from the hospital after the second day, my milk still wasn’t in yet. It’ll be in anytime, they kept reassuring me. But day #4 came, and it still wasn’t. I was too sleep-deprived, too overwhelmed (and probably […]

Downhill skiing with kids

There is a fabulous YouTube video of a father dressed as a drill seargant waking up his kids with a bugle and forcing them to go downhill skiing. His mantra echoes in my head every time I head out for some downhill action at Mission Ridge with my 5 year old: “I’m forcing my kids to […]

PSA: Please don’t imply that I don’t do anything

In my head I had an image of stay-at-home moms, and it was pretty much the stereotypical one: unkempt hair, sweatpants-clad, a loose, white t-shirt with a spit-up stain at the braless bosom. They watched TV all day and did laundry during commercials. They rocked their babies in a bassinet in their living rooms, slept […]

Modern parenting, on and offline

On Christmas day, the New York Times ran an article titled “The Relentlessness of Modern Parenting.” From the article: “Parenthood in the United States has become much more demanding than it used to be. … Mothers who juggle jobs outside the home spend just as much time tending their children as stay-at-home mothers did in the […]