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Teens in foster care need families too

Editor’s note: I received the following message from Hayley Stoebner, the recruitment coordinator with FosteringWA: Does the very thought of a having a teenager in your home make you shudder with fear?  You are not alone! The teen years can be trying for parents and caregivers (not to mention for the teens themselves), but those years […]

The wonder of reading aloud to children

We know that reading aloud to children has powerful impacts on their developing minds. We know that regularly reading to and with our kids can stimulate their imaginations, expand their vocabulary, strengthen our family bonds and create lifelong readers. We also know that life is busy and that bedtime — the time of day when […]

On loneliness and alone time

Motherhood is one great big lesson in paradox. Like when we become moms and feel at once personally important — to this baby and this little family unit — and completely obsolete professionally and to the wider world. Or when we yell our stubborn toddler to sleep at night, then sit by her bed after she’s […]

5 Fertility-Enhancing Tips

If getting pregnant has been a bit of a challenge, or you’re just wanting to lay the best foundation for a healthy pregnancy, here are a few tips for enhancing fertility and chances of conceiving. Please check with your medical professional before making any changes and consider this article informational. For specified and tailored assistance, […]