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The parent of an athlete

Being the parent of an athlete is a gift. I truly believe that. This is my daughter and I wrapped up in each other standing on her high school soccer field after an exhausting and hard fought 80 minutes of regular play, an eight minute scoreless over-time, leading to a subsequent shoot out which resulted […]

The ups and let downs of pumping

Sometimes we create our own heartbreak through expectation. If there is one thing that motherhood has taught me in the short few months since I’ve embarked on this journey it would be to go easy on myself, while doing the very best that I can. Not only did I expect my pregnancy to go smoothly […]

Thankful time, thankful heart

A note from the author: Although “thankfuls” is not a word, it is a term used by my child at the dinner table and I find it to be fitting. Therefore, it is used often in this article. Please know it is referring to more than one thing we are thankful for. Every night year-round at the dinner […]

Parents of older children: Want to write for us?

Calling all moms (and dads) of older kids: We want YOU to write for the Wenatchee Mom Blog! Since starting this website two years ago, we have loved sharing the stories of dozens of local parents, mostly parents of younger kids and brand new babies. Now we’ve heard from a lot of you and agree […]

A poem about pregnancy and loss

Congratulations! By Lorna Rose  Her name will be Victoria. Blond hair and pointy chin. She will cuddle and curl her toes and be mama’s girl. She will love musty smells and running barefoot. She will be a professor, a poet, a gymnast. Blood test. Missing chromosome. Likely to miscarry. When do you stop celebrating your […]

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