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These are the good old days, even on bad days

My husband watched as I tossed a Real Simple magazine and three paperback mysteries into the canvas tote, which already held a ridiculous floppy hat, a fabulous pair of earrings, a blow-dryer, a bottle of gin, four limes and an industrial-sized bag of tortilla chips. “Someone’s feeling optimistic,” he said. It was Tuesday, and we […]

Raising kids who give back

When our children are very small, it can seem as though there’s no time in our days to look anywhere but inward, towards our families. We keep our eyes and hearts locked on our kids’ immediate needs, our marriages, our jobs and the constant, clumsy juggling act that is life with little ones. So many […]

The end of an era at Fred Meyer

As I was dropping my 3-year-old off at Fred Meyer’s Playland the other day, in anticipation of a quiet shopping trip (and maybe some breathing time at Starbucks), I heard some news that I thought worthy to pass along to my fellow parents: Fred Meyer is closing all its Playlands. That’s according to a Playland […]

Busy parents will love From Scratch

I have to tell you all about the newest addition to Pybus Public Market, because I think it just might make your Tuesday evenings a whole lot more enjoyable. It’s a once-a-week meal prep service called From Scratch @ Pybus. Here’s how it works: Select and pay for your meals online by 3 p.m. Saturday […]