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Memorial Christmas Tree Lighting

Perhaps your family is starting to look forward to the holiday season! For many of us, this can be the “most wonderful time of the year,” as we celebrate family and friends and blessings. We embrace family traditions and cherish the joys of special moments spent together. The holidays can be a reminder, though, of […]

A mother’s holiday to-do list

For 10 glorious minutes early one recent morning, all was calm and bright in my home. The dog lay on my feet while I drank my coffee at the kitchen table. And there was snow — soft, new-fallen snow on the Halloween pumpkins, the lawn, the foothills. The morning felt like a James Taylor song. […]

Love notes

Still not sure what to get that special someone for Valentine’s Day this year? Here’s a quick, fun way to say “I love you”: Love Notes in The Wenatchee World! All the details are right here. Basically, for $10 or $20 you can place a little note in the newspaper on Tuesday, Feb. 14, to let […]

Considering Claus

In the weeks before Christmas I was on the fence about introducing the idea of Santa to my 3-year-old. My husband and I had yet to bring the idea up to him. Playing Santa every year seemed like a lot of work, and it seemed kinda hokey. In no way did I want to add […]

A perfect Christmas

As a young new-ish mother, Christmas has become my time to shine. To prove how good I am. How perfect I can be. But being perfect is a lot of soul sucking, resentment festering work, and not all that much fun. (You want to know what sends me down my deepest, darkest rage spiral into hell? Check in with me […]

Holiday Traditions: Syrup on Snow

It’s crazy. An absolutely crazy tradition that I blame Grandma for. From Halloween on, the kids look out the windows every morning to check for snow. There’s watching and waiting (and just a hint of whining) for snow.  And that would be totally normal — nothing to write about — if they wanted snow for playing, and […]

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