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Goodbye, 2017

Today we say goodbye to old habits that die hard, we close a chapter on a full year of taking care of our babies, families, pets and we reminisce on all of the days we spent kissing little foreheads and counting little toes. We may be thinking of a loved one who passed this year, […]

Top 3 exercises to improve your day

As a fitness instructor, my job is to help you become a better you. We all have our reasons for seeking physical activity. Some are looking to lose weight, others to become stronger and faster, and some to improve their mood. What about simply improving your quality of life? As parents, we are tired! We’ve […]

10 reasons to exercise during pregnancy

As mothers, all we want is a healthy pregnancy, a healthy baby and a healthy delivery. Exercise can help you achieve all three! I know, yuck. As if pregnancy isn’t hard enough, right? Well here’s 10 benefits of exercising while pregnant for you to chew on: Reduces morning sickness.  Increases energy levels. Improves the mood. […]

Yoga for kids in East Wenatchee

I received an email from local mama Mimi Vimont, the owner of BeYoutiful Hot Yoga on Valley Mall Parkway in East Wenatchee and a new studio on Riverside Drive in Wenatchee, and I wanted to pass along a quick heads up about a new program she’s started for kids. “We have been in business almost five years […]

Happy fall from Wenatchee Pediatric Dentistry!

Happy fall to our wonderful Wenatchee community. We hope the back-to-school bustle wasn’t too hectic and that supply shopping, open houses, orientation and meet n’ greets were a success! Hopefully your children retained at least some information from orientation, unlike my son, who seemed to completely forget in the six hours between orientation and open […]

Our (natural) birth story

Mid • wife • ry The profession or practice of assisting women in childbirth. Throughout the course of my pregnancy people commented on my choice to use a midwife a lot. Typically it was people who were curious about the practice and how midwifery differed from an OB. Occasionally people excitedly shared their experience delivering […]