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How to (un)make a picky eater

One night at dinner last week, we put a small serving of green beans on each of our children’s dinner plates. Our two youngest ate their veggies along with turkey and mashed potatoes. Our oldest ate everything but the green stuff. Then he politely asked to be excused. “Not until you eat your green beans,” […]

5 steps to a healthy smile

Instilling proper dental hygiene habits at a young age can be difficult. Between the biting, screaming and flossing, the battle seems lost before it even begins. However, the importance of proper oral care is crucial to the health of your child’s mouth. It is essential that your children create good habits when they are young, […]

Staying sane when life is crazy

Hi friends. Hanging in there? What a beautiful month we’ve had here in the Wenatchee Valley. Can’t believe all this snow! Refreshing and fun after some very dry winters. We hit the hills at Squilchuck for some sledding and drank gallons of hot chocolate, watched the snowflakes fall and frosted cookies. What about you all? […]