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5 reasons to hit the trail with Wenatchee Family Fitness

Unique workouts customized for you! Certified in group fitness, Barre, Yoga, and all prenatal/postnatal modifications. We’ve got your HIIT fusion workouts, incorporating all your favorite styles. Safe for every stage of motherhood. Bring the kids! With the kids tucked safely in their strollers, they and their buddies get to hit the trail with you. While […]

5 Fertility-Enhancing Tips

If getting pregnant has been a bit of a challenge, or you’re just wanting to lay the best foundation for a healthy pregnancy, here are a few tips for enhancing fertility and chances of conceiving. Please check with your medical professional before making any changes and consider this article informational. For specified and tailored assistance, […]

Mindfulness in the midst of busy lives

For a lot of us, the next few weeks are going to be super hectic. We are the holiday memory-makers, the keepers of family traditions, the buyers of presents, the bakers of cookies, the hostesses of house-guests. We want so much for our children to believe in the magic of the season, and we delight in […]

A Thanksgiving Workout: “Burn the Bird”

Thanksgiving is a time to stop and reflect on the things we’re thankful for. Let’s not forget to take a moment and thank our bodies for everything it does for us and our families. As mothers, our bodies are working non-stop to take care and nurture our families. From carrying our babies for 10 months, […]

Finding time for minimalism

Hey mamas! My journey to minimalism has been the most rewarding process. By taking a little time to get rid of the excess in my life, I’ve been able to enjoy more of the world around me. I’ve been able to be present during times I used to run around the house like a crazy […]