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Your prenatal workout

There is a stigma around working out while pregnant, as though during pregnancy we should stop all physical activity and take it easy. However, more and more studies have come out with nothing but support for expectant moms to be working on their fitness and continuing exercise throughout pregnancy. I am your local group fitness […]

Why I love CrossFit, and my gym community

CrossFit: you either love it or loath it. You may be impartial or perhaps slightly intimidated because your only experience or exposure has been watching exceptionally fit women on TV who look like they can lift Volkswagens competing in the CrossFit games. You may even think to yourself, “I could never do that.” I am […]

A little (food) inspiration…

So I have been a bad blogger. Seriously. Baaad. Like if this was my job we would have long since starved because I would have been fired. I admit, I succumbed to the frantic stress of moving, to the endless expectations of the holidays, the dark winter blues and the depressing realization (after getting my […]

Pregnancy, parenting and depression

Each time I sit down to write, I’m torn.  I want to shed light on the sometimes lonely and isolating world of being a stay-at-home mom. The ugly and the exhausting, the repetitive and the thankless days that sometimes feel like they turn into months. Is it March already? I want the mom across town […]

Healing after diastasis recti

As owner and instructor of Wenatchee Family Fitness, I focus on pre and postnatal fitness. I come across the condition of diastasis recti from time to time, and am asked about it often. Worried moms and moms-to-be catch wind of these two scary words and they think they’re doomed to wear the physical effects of […]

Story time yoga for kids

Wondering what the heck to do with the kids when it’s this gray and cold outside? I’ve written before about BeYoutiful Hot Yoga and its many kids and family yoga classes: Baby and Me (non walkers), Toddler and Me (walkers –>3), 3-5 years old (must be potty trained), K-4th grade, and 5th -8th grade. Well now they’ve […]

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