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Strawberry-rhubarb fruit leather

Sometimes, springtime offers up a small miracle: ripe strawberries and tangy rhubarb both ready for harvest at the same time. This is more uncommon than one might think. When it does happen, my children and I take the opportunity to make strawberry-rhubarb fruit leather. Fruit leathers are easy to make, provided you have the right […]

Make-ahead breakfast: overnight oats

Hiya everybody. I’ve got a breakfast idea that is perfect for moms on the go (sooo, basically all of you.) Overnight Oats. I’m sure you have heard of them if you have used Pinterest or looked up “quick breakfast recipes” online, but if you haven’t tried them, I really suggest that you do. These oats take […]

Slow cooker spaghetti squash

I called in sick to work the other day (my boss reads this so I’ll spare you the details) and had just made my way back to bed when my hubby came in and told me that my spaghetti squash had fallen to the floor and was cracked. Apparently it was an “accident” while he was […]

My health journey

A year ago I was an unhealthy mess. I had hives, diverticulitis, and chronic infections. I always complained about not feeling well, had frequent heartburn and headaches, I was constantly stressed, my food allergies were getting worse, and I felt like my health was spiraling out of control. Traditional medicine was only treating the symptoms […]

Super Bowl Sunday Snacks

My fiance loves football. He understands every rule. He basically knows the birthplace and life story of every professional football player. So when I asked him, “What snacks do you like when you go to a Super Bowl party?” I knew I would get good, quality answers.  Here are a few suggestions straight from my Super Bowl […]

No Bake Energy Bars from Emma’s Kitchen

Emma’s Kitchen is back with snack ideas. Healthy snacks that are easy to take on the go are my favorite. Plus it’s a bonus when they don’t take a lot of time to make! So check this out – healthy and delicious bars that are quick to make, excellent for your health and make you […]