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Stutzman Ranch: An early autumn tradition

We are so blessed to raise our families in the Wenatchee Valley, aren’t we? The small-town vibes. The adorable downtown streets up and down valley. The mountains and rivers and lakes. And of course, all that fresh fruit — miles and miles of orchards surrounding our neighborhoods and creeping up into the foothills. It seems fitting to […]

Packing cleaner lunches

Fruit, Veggie, Protein, Treat*. Appealing display, nice to eat. Whether you’re a Stay-at-home or a I’ve-got-another-job-too Mom, it feels good to have a handle on lunches. The sense of accomplishment attached to knowing that I fed my children, husband, and myself WELL really boosts the level of energy I apply to the day-to-day grind. Over […]

Cold foamy wonders

On a hot summer day, who doesn’t relish the flavor and bubbly goodness of an old fashioned root beer float?! But have some of you moms, like me, started to become increasingly concerned about the amount of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) threatening to enter into your child’s system through stuff like cookies, beverages, etc. on a daily […]

Steak and potatoes: A date night recipe

Ask any marriage expert and they will tell you that date nights are super important to the whole staying married thing. And it really is pretty fun to put on a dress occasionally, leave the kids with a sitter and spend an evening across a candlelit table from your husband, acting like the easy-breezy person you pretended […]

A strawberry season trick for the birds

It’s strawberry season and my daughter and I are happy about our first real strawberry plants that haven’t died! Yay! There is nothing better than growing your own produce, unless you don’t get to enjoy the fruits of your labor, literally! My 5-year-old daughter Hannah and I have spent a ton of time outside trying to […]

Let it grow

Everyone who knows me well knows that I love growing food. I love talking about growing food, reading about growing food, planting and transplanting and eating the fruits of my labors. I even love — yep — weeding. Well, to an extent. As American writer Charles Dudley Warner said over 100 years ago, “Blessed be […]