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A little (food) inspiration…

So I have been a bad blogger. Seriously. Baaad. Like if this was my job we would have long since starved because I would have been fired. I admit, I succumbed to the frantic stress of moving, to the endless expectations of the holidays, the dark winter blues and the depressing realization (after getting my […]

Easy Girl Scout cookie ice cream

Where are all my Girl Scout cookie fans at? Let’s face it, Girl Scout cookie season is by far one of the best seasons of the year. Don’t tell me you don’t get super excited when you see cookie stands set up outside the grocery store. Or when your coworker’s kids hit you up for sales. It’s […]

Life on the farm: Processing potatoes four ways

Last week I shared how to preserve farm-fresh eggs. Today I want to share another project I’ve been working on… Processing potatoes! I am such a foodie at heart, and I think that’s because my gramma raised me and she was an old-fashioned cook who allowed me to help her in the kitchen at a […]

Life on the farm: Preserving fresh eggs

My chicken flock here on the farm has been growing recently, and the hens (and one duck) are laying many more eggs than we can eat. I had a growing stockpile of fresh chicken eggs, and I hated to see them to go to waste, but we can’t quite eat seven a day… So a couple […]

Thanksgiving leftover pot pie 

As much as I love being a foodie and eating new and exciting things all the time, I always have room in my stomach for good ol’ comfort food. You know what I’m talking about — the dishes that instantly make you think of your mom or even your grandma. The dishes that you ask for whenever […]

Fresh summer cherry hand pies

I have a serious love affair with cherries. I live for the summer months when I get to consume handfuls of fresh, local cherries on the regular. I love anything and everything made with cherries- sweet and savory recipes alike. The only exception to my cherry addiction are maraschino cherries. I just can’t stand them! […]

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