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A teacher learns to homeschool

So, when I started writing for Wenatchee Mom Blog, I knew I’d end up sharing about my adventures at home with my girls. Homeschooling, though not in any traditional sense of the word, is a part of my wild and crazy stay-at-home-mommy ride, for at least this season of life. I am a teacher/learner down deep […]

Science on wheels and in libraries

The Pacific Science Center’s Science on Wheels will be visiting eight libraries in North Central Washington this month. The program offers hands-on science activities designed to enhance North Central Regional Library’s Summer Reading Program and will focus on wellness, fitness and sports. And, like all library programs, these are free! Here is the schedule: July 25, […]

Blast shields, broken bottles and bouquets: the dangerous art of glass cutting with children

My wife left the house for a few hours, so I pulled a classic Let’s make something for Mom! on my three daughters. I got down the glass cutting kit I’d received for Christmas, blew off the dust, and set up a kitchen lab worthy of “Breaking Bad”…or should I say “Zootopia”? What followed was a comedy of errors. […]

Meet the NCRL Puppeteers

Every summer, North Central Regional Library hires puppeteers to perform at its 30 libraries throughout the summer. For the past few years, the dynamic duo of Brian Higgins, a Wenatchee High School teacher, and Mark Wavra, a teacher at Eastmont High School, have put on the shows. This summer, Wavra has stepped out and Higgins […]

Books we love: “Mindful Loving”

I’ve just finished reading the book that, likely, I will be reading for the rest of my life. Now, to be fair, I’ve occasionally been accused of always being fired up about my latest read, but there is more to this story. “Mindful Loving” by Dr. Henry Grayson has opened my heart to a whole world […]