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What did you do today?

“What did you do today?” Five words that most people say to one another on any given day. Words you say when you pick your child up from school, when your mom calls you up on the phone to catch up, when your spouse walks in the door after a long shift. Five words that have come […]

Donate new and used books for local kids

Children who grow up in homes filled with books go further in school. According to a 2010 study, the number of books in the home has more to do with a child’s educational success than their parents’ education, occupation and class. So now we know books matter. Here’s our chance to put books in the hands of […]

Spooky fun with spiders

It’s officially fall! Kids are back in school (those who are old enough, anyway), the orchards are almost all picked, and the leaves are changing. At the Land Trust, we’ve been having great fun on our Fall Family Day Hikes in partnership with the City of Wenatchee. Halloween is fast approaching as well. As this […]

In praise of soft starts

(Some consolation from a former kinder teacher who is also a mom…) Hello moms! The school year is upon us! Woosh! That happened fast! About two weeks have passed since the kindergartener in your life started his or her journey. Perhaps there were some nervous tummies and wet Kleenexes. Perhaps some digging in of heels, and definitely […]

Back to school picture time!

We asked. You delivered. We received a ton of great first-day-of-school pictures last week, as students across North Central Washington returned to the classroom for a fresh new year. Most of these ran in The Wenatchee World on Tuesday. Still want to share your pictures? You still can! Email and I will add them to this post. Welcome back […]

A teacher learns to homeschool

So, when I started writing for Wenatchee Mom Blog, I knew I’d end up sharing about my adventures at home with my girls. Homeschooling, though not in any traditional sense of the word, is a part of my wild and crazy stay-at-home-mommy ride, for at least this season of life. I am a teacher/learner down deep […]