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Ready (or not) for kindergarten

The World published an article from The Seattle Times recently: “Is your child ready for kindergarten?” Great question. For a lot of parents of preschoolers, the answer is complicated. My younger daughter will turn 5 in June, which means she will qualify to attend kindergarten in the fall. It also means she’ll be one of the youngest […]

TEAMS offers one-on-one parenting help

My four year-old is….well, he’s a challenge. He seems to live restlessly at the intersection of high intellect, struggling autonomy, and heightened sensitivity. He loves structure, and he needs to be engaged, both in a worthy activity and with a loved one (usually me) most to all of the time. He feels things deeply, and […]

Winter science experiments for kids

We are in the depths of winter here in North Central Washington. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate kids to get outside and explore the natural world when it’s cold, dark and gray. These winter science experiments help explore the science of winter from the comfort of your home. Before starting any of these […]

My new middle schooler

Hold my breath and pray that good things happen. That’s been my mindset as I’ve watched my older daughter get her first taste of public school as a sixth grader at Foothills Middle School. My daughter attended St. Joseph School in Wenatchee from preschool through fifth grade. And it was a good experience for her […]

Observing butterflies with kids

This month, I’ve been having a lot of fun observing butterflies flitting from flower to flower. Just thinking about butterflies can bring a smile to my face. They seem to embody everything that is good about the world — wildlife, flight, beauty and flowers. Let’s learn a bit about butterflies and explore ways to get […]

Sprouting Willows: Fun for little folks in Leavenworth!

I had the pleasure on a recent sunny morning (just prior to the gagging smoke and squelching heat) to visit with some very imaginative and lively little folks along the Wenatchee River in Leavenworth. This was no ordinary group of little pixies, mind you. This was a giggling, curious little group determined to find adventure […]