Category: Education

Nature photography for kids

Sometimes technology can take over kids’ lives to the point where they don’t get enough healthy nature connection. Through nature photography, we can harness that obsession with gadgets and pair it with a natural fascination with the more-than-human world. And while having a quality camera can definitely give a leg up, any old camera phone […]

Prehistoric fun at local libraries

The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture will bring a traveling program on prehistoric life and geology to several North Central Regional Library branches this month. Take a journey through geologic time as you examine real fossils, rocks and minerals, as well as cast replicas of dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals and plants. Then […]

Exploring the moon

Quick! Do you know what phase the moon is in, without looking? Now that the days are so short, we have less time to spend outside in the sunshine. But, that also means we have more time to spend with the night sky! When we’re children, we’re naturally fascinated by space — by the vastness of it, […]