Category: Crafts

From bed to bench: a $5 flip

I picked up a twin headboard and footboard at a yard sale awhile ago for five dollars. I knew I could find a use for it! I love a good flip, so I started getting ideas for headboard benches. Adorable and affordable… plus plus!! When I asked my husband to cut the footboard in half, I kinda […]

A DIY retirement gift

A few weeks ago I attended my father-in-law’s Navy retirement ceremony. For 20 years he served, sacrificed and selflessly volunteered to protect not only his family, but America.  He served in Iraq two different times. I’m so proud of him! I was thinking I needed to do something for him, to show my appreciation for his […]

You are your child’s biggest fan: A felt pennant banner DIY

If you’re like me, your kids’ rooms are never fully decorated or “done”. Their interests change so often that investing in matching decor that will last longer than a year is a challenge. And really for boys, there isn’t much room decor that isn’t character-themed. You know what I’m talking about: Batman, Legos, and Minecraft, […]

DIY customized signs

Creating a handmade, customized sign can add so much personality to your home, and they make perfect gifts! There is a common myth when it comes to custom signs, so let’s clear that up: Homemade signs are for the experienced, artsy-crafters only, I couldn’t create one, and it’s affordable enough to just buy one. False! The […]

DIY: Rusty tool tray with rustic charm

I’ve never been one to bring tools to the table, but I think I can make an exception here! Looking through old junk piles, I often find rusty beauty and either instantly have an idea how to transform it, or I figure it will come to me eventually! I’ve had this old rusty tool tray for […]