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DIY: Festive holiday window decor

I collect windows — big windows, small windows, glass panes or none. They can be used in so many different ways. For instance, I recently decided to take a six-pane window and paint it to incorporate with my Christmas decor. Total spent on project was $2!! (I was given the window and the other supplies […]

Winter science experiments for kids

We are in the depths of winter here in North Central Washington. Sometimes it can be hard to motivate kids to get outside and explore the natural world when it’s cold, dark and gray. These winter science experiments help explore the science of winter from the comfort of your home. Before starting any of these […]

Salt dough ornaments for all

With just a few days until Christmas, there’s still plenty of time to create a special gift for everyone on your list. (Really… you still have time!) When my daughter Hannah was two, we created our first Salt Dough Ornaments, and they were a hit! Not only is it a handmade gift, it’s a keepsake […]

Slime time!

Today my daughter Hannah had a playdate here at the farm with her cousin, Hunter. The girls did what most farm kids do and played outside with the chickens, ducks and dogs. I try and throw a craft in too and you know what, life CAN be just about Unicorns and glitter….and Slime! So what […]

DIY: Mason jar solar lights

Here’s a project you can do anywhere. And I mean anywhere! I brought it with me camping and I love how it turned out. The Mason Jar solar light is easy to make and you can take it anywhere and customize it according to your style. What you will need: Solar light (I got mine at […]

Craft Notes: 5 types of homemade playdough

Here’s a Pinterest craft that you can do on a cold winter day: homemade play dough — five different ways. This project is courtesy of Here we go! Total project time This entire craft can be done within an hour (hooray!), but with kids in mind, maybe you’ll want to make an afternoon of […]