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Don’t overthink your summer play dates

A week into summer vacation my kids were already muttering the “B” word. Not too loudly, though, because we have a list of chores designed especially for bored children. But they were missing the daily interaction with their friends and a day packed with activity. They were asking for play dates. Lots of them. And […]

Explore geology with kids

I don’t know a kid who does not have a rock collection, even if it’s just one favorite stashed on a shelf somewhere. I personally have piles of rocks all over my house. Rocks fascinate kids — it’s not hard to get them excited about a cool rock. They’re beautiful, they feel good in the […]

Summer programs at Lake Wenatchee

From a State Parks press release: The state Parks and Recreation Commission will host several summer activities at Lake Wenatchee State Park through Sept. 2. 2 p.m. July 1, Conserving Natural Resources. Junior Ranger program will discuss ways to conserve natural resources. 7 p.m. July 5, Birds of Lake Wenatchee. Heather Murphy, a wildlife biologist and artist, will present a slide […]

Unconventional playgrounds

We have so many playgrounds in Wenatchee, and in spite of not enough benches for parents and the fact that the bathrooms are so far away (for a toddler that suddenly needs to go anyway) they’re pretty great. I especially like Walla Walla Point Park and my kids like “castle” park (Lincoln Park) and Confluence […]

Camping memories with little ones

The goal for myself and my family this spring and summer is to get out backpacking and camping as much as possible. This has to be accomplished weekend warrior style since some of us work the 9-5 Monday through Friday gig, sigh. I have an almost 4-year-old daughter, with no family nearby to babysit so […]

How does your garden grow?

I know it’s Memorial Day Weekend, the kiddos have Monday off school and I should be twitterpated with thoughts of camping and recreating…. and there is sunshine! Glorious sunshine! How long have we waited for warmth and light this year after enduring what seemed like an eternal winter? But bbq burgers, sunscreen, and dusty fishing […]