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A year of heartbreak and hope

Goodbye 2017. You started by throwing me for a loop. You gave us a winter that showed up early and stayed late and I thought it would never stop snowing. Through that winter I struggled with my little sister’s death and asked why a girl with a perfect smile and one of a kind laugh […]

Keeping your kids safe while traveling

Me again! OK, by now you all have probably realized that I’m a bit of a travel nerd and like to be prepared so I’m not stressed on vacation or family trips. Here are a couple safety tips I’ve stumbled upon recently that I’d thought I’d pass along. Happy and safe trails to you! Knowledge […]

Thankful time, thankful heart

A note from the author: Although “thankfuls” is not a word, it is a term used by my child at the dinner table and I find it to be fitting. Therefore, it is used often in this article. Please know it is referring to more than one thing we are thankful for. Every night year-round at the dinner […]

Travel with babies

AJ and I just got back from a long visit with my family in Northern California; and yes, we traveled by ourselves…which really means I traveled by myself with an 8-month-old baby. Yikes! Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve done this (he and I have made the trek to NorCal once before) but as […]

Kid-friendly dinosaur show coming to the PAC!

If you happen to live with a kid who loves dinosaurs, you learn a lot of interesting stuff. Like, did you know that scientists now believe the T-rex may have had feathers? Or that the Dreatnoughtus was the biggest dinosaur ever, weighing a massive 65 tons? Or that Pterodactyls are not technically dinosaurs at all? And […]

Light the Loop: Ready, set, GLOW!

There’s a great family event happening on Saturday, Oct. 7 in Wenatchee: Light The Loop Fun Run 2017 — 5k and 2k races along the Loop Trail. Kids are more than welcome at this one. In fact, event organizers are going above and beyond this year to make it a fun night for the little (and big) […]