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Explore the interesting world of ants!

When I was around 9, I spent countless hours after school watching two colonies of ants on my sidewalk. They marched in meandering lines along the sidewalk, collecting food and carrying it back to the entrance holes to their nests. When two ants met, they tapped each other all over with their little antennae before passing […]

5 reasons to hit the trail with Wenatchee Family Fitness

Unique workouts customized for you! Certified in group fitness, Barre, Yoga, and all prenatal/postnatal modifications. We’ve got your HIIT fusion workouts, incorporating all your favorite styles. Safe for every stage of motherhood. Bring the kids! With the kids tucked safely in their strollers, they and their buddies get to hit the trail with you. While […]

Downhill skiing with kids

There is a fabulous YouTube video of a father dressed as a drill seargant waking up his kids with a bugle and forcing them to go downhill skiing. His mantra echoes in my head every time I head out for some downhill action at Mission Ridge with my 5 year old: “I’m forcing my kids to […]

Explore the outdoors on snowshoes and skis

It can be challenging to figure out how to get outside with kids during the winter. Sometimes the ground is covered in a blanket of snow as deep as some toddlers are tall! Luckily there are plenty of organizations who offer low-cost or free, family friendly outings to help you make the most of this season. […]

The Summer Camp Fair returns in February!

It’s happening again! Icicle Creek Center for the Arts will present the third-annual Summer Camp Fair on Saturday, February 9 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Pybus Public Market. If you’re looking for programs that will keep your kids busy and happy all summer long, stop by, find the programs you like, and sign up! Representatives from more […]