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Fun with fungi

What living thing weighs more than 35 blue whales, but could be walked over without it knowing? Yep, a fungus — specifically, a honey mushroom in Oregon that is larger than 1,600 football fields and is thousands of years old. Fungi might seem boring at first, but once the learning starts, facts like these make […]

Staying happy in the Happiest Place on Earth

My boyfriend and I recently got back from a ten-day trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Walt Disney World. Only for us, despite our love of all things Mickey, well, it was a little miserable. The crowds, overpriced souvenirs and food, all the walking around in the sweltering humidity…we knew going into it that […]

Spooky fun with spiders

It’s officially fall! Kids are back in school (those who are old enough, anyway), the orchards are almost all picked, and the leaves are changing. At the Land Trust, we’ve been having great fun on our Fall Family Day Hikes in partnership with the City of Wenatchee. Halloween is fast approaching as well. As this […]

Alatheia Riding Center improves lives

Have you heard of this unique place we have in our valley? Alatheia is a center that offers therapeutic horse riding. It is a member of the Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship International and The Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry. The goals are geared towards independence in life skills. It is a non-profit center and with […]

Best fall hikes in NCW

The mountains all around us are popping with gorgeous golds and reds right now. Mom Blogger Sarah Shaffer of Wenatchee Outdoors recently gave a talk at Pybus about the best local hikes for soaking up autumn color. She’s now very kindly sharing her advice with all of us. Here are her recommendations for the best places […]

The storytelling emotion in hands.

“The hand is the visible part of the brain.” – Immanuel Kant Can you capture emotion without showing faces? You bet. Some of my favorite emotions can be found in hands alone. The story they can tell all on their own is quite amazing. A mother and father, embracing their newborn. Sisters reunited. A bride, […]