Category: Adventures

Riverfront Rock Gym is now open!

An exciting moment for the Wenatchee Valley is happening right now! Located only a stone’s throw from Walla Walla Park and the Town Toyota Center, Riverfront Rock Gym celebrated their grand opening over the weekend. Riverfront Rock Gym offers a great opportunity for everyone from experienced climbers to novices, youthful seniors to energetic youths, to check […]

Next stop… the stars

Beyond the unavoidable super hero and Harry Potter obsessions my kids have had, (we are talking Captain America and Hogwarts here people — who can blame them? ) I try and adhere to the philosophy that the hobbies and interests my kiddos pursue meet a handful of requirements. That said, hobby/sport/interest should be: something they […]

Summer camp wish list

Snow pants… check. Hat and gloves… check. Snow coat… check. Summer camp survey… what??? That’s right. I said summer camp. I always find it a bit ironic that as the Valley is enjoying its first real snowfall of the year, and temperatures go from a wee-bit nippy to down right bone chilling cold, I, and […]

Hok giddiness

This last week my family and I got a couple of short test days to try out our new Hok skis made by Altai Skis. Here is my take on what I discovered about these skis from using them thus far: They can climb up rather well but hard-crusted snow makes it a bit tough […]

Field Trip: Bellingham

I love the Wenatchee Valley. There’s hardly a time of the year when it doesn’t feel like the perfect place to be. I do however, like to take a field trip now and again to explore new possibilities and expose my children to other forms of Northwest culture, including the arts. Lately, I have been […]