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Next stop… the stars

Beyond the unavoidable super hero and Harry Potter obsessions my kids have had, (we are talking Captain America and Hogwarts here people — who can blame them? ) I try and adhere to the philosophy that the hobbies and interests my kiddos pursue meet a handful of requirements. That said, hobby/sport/interest should be: something they […]

Summer camp wish list

Snow pants… check. Hat and gloves… check. Snow coat… check. Summer camp survey… what??? That’s right. I said summer camp. I always find it a bit ironic that as the Valley is enjoying its first real snowfall of the year, and temperatures go from a wee-bit nippy to down right bone chilling cold, I, and […]

Hok giddiness

This last week my family and I got a couple of short test days to try out our new Hok skis made by Altai Skis. Here is my take on what I discovered about these skis from using them thus far: They can climb up rather well but hard-crusted snow makes it a bit tough […]

Field Trip: Bellingham

I love the Wenatchee Valley. There’s hardly a time of the year when it doesn’t feel like the perfect place to be. I do however, like to take a field trip now and again to explore new possibilities and expose my children to other forms of Northwest culture, including the arts. Lately, I have been […]

Fun with fungi

What living thing weighs more than 35 blue whales, but could be walked over without it knowing? Yep, a fungus — specifically, a honey mushroom in Oregon that is larger than 1,600 football fields and is thousands of years old. Fungi might seem boring at first, but once the learning starts, facts like these make […]

Staying happy in the Happiest Place on Earth

My boyfriend and I recently got back from a ten-day trip to “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Walt Disney World. Only for us, despite our love of all things Mickey, well, it was a little miserable. The crowds, overpriced souvenirs and food, all the walking around in the sweltering humidity…we knew going into it that […]