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The magic of Apple Blossom

I grew up in the Wenatchee Valley so I know there are two kinds of people here — those who love the Apple Blossom Festival and those who roll their eyes and high-tail it out of town. Lump me in with the former. Sure, I’ve guffawed at the crowds and extra traffic with the best […]


As I began working in the garden this weekend (finally!) I tossed the weeds and stray grass into the chicken yard and I had to stop for a moment, amused at the happy clucking and fluffy feathered rumps of our eight chickens as they very obviously enjoyed there treats. I was many months pregnant with […]

Kids and birds: Springtime fun

In the last month, mornings outside my window have gone from relatively quiet to a cacophony of sounds. Robins, swallows, finches, juncos and more have arrived and begun singing their little hearts out. Although the sounds are maybe not as catchy as “Let It Go,” kids can learn a lot about the world around them […]

One day in Wenatchee

I recently received an email through the blog contact form: “Hi Wenatchee Moms! I stumbled on your blog by accident! I have a dilemma – I’m the oldest of four — two of us live north of Seattle and two of us live in Spokane. So Wenatchee happens to be right in the middle of the […]

Riverfront Rock Gym is now open!

An exciting moment for the Wenatchee Valley is happening right now! Located only a stone’s throw from Walla Walla Park and the Town Toyota Center, Riverfront Rock Gym celebrated their grand opening over the weekend. Riverfront Rock Gym offers a great opportunity for everyone from experienced climbers to novices, youthful seniors to energetic youths, to check […]