Author: Whitney Woodward

Our (natural) birth story

Mid • wife • ry The profession or practice of assisting women in childbirth. Throughout the course of my pregnancy people commented on my choice to use a midwife a lot. Typically it was people who were curious about the practice and how midwifery differed from an OB. Occasionally people excitedly shared their experience delivering […]

What not to say to a pregnant lady…ever

Being pregnant is not fun. There, I said it. I remember very early on during my pregnancy with my son people would tell me how pregnancy was magical, or to cherish this time because it’s just so special. My personal fave: “My body loves to be pregnant, I just feel so much better while growing […]

Growing a girl

I have an 8-year-old son, who is a wonderful little human. He is caring and compassionate, helpful and kind, energetic and social, and these are just a few of his great traits. I’ve always loved being a “boy mom” and all that it entails, but I never considered what it would mean to be a […]