Author: Tara Tupling

DIY: Festive holiday window decor

I collect windows — big windows, small windows, glass panes or none. They can be used in so many different ways. For instance, I recently decided to take a six-pane window and paint it to incorporate with my Christmas decor. Total spent on project was $2!! (I was given the window and the other supplies […]

Life on the farm: Preserving fresh cherries

Cherry season has come and gone around here, but WOW, what a perfect place we live in to enjoy the fruits of the season. Not only do we have access to a wide selection of fruits, but we tend to get them more affordably then elsewhere in the country. All you have to do is […]

Life on the farm: Processing potatoes four ways

Last week I shared how to preserve farm-fresh eggs. Today I want to share another project I’ve been working on… Processing potatoes! I am such a foodie at heart, and I think that’s because my gramma raised me and she was an old-fashioned cook who allowed me to help her in the kitchen at a […]

Life on the farm: Preserving fresh eggs

My chicken flock here on the farm has been growing recently, and the hens (and one duck) are laying many more eggs than we can eat. I had a growing stockpile of fresh chicken eggs, and I hated to see them to go to waste, but we can’t quite eat seven a day… So a couple […]

Salt dough ornaments for all

With just a few days until Christmas, there’s still plenty of time to create a special gift for everyone on your list. (Really… you still have time!) When my daughter Hannah was two, we created our first Salt Dough Ornaments, and they were a hit! Not only is it a handmade gift, it’s a keepsake […]

Slime time!

Today my daughter Hannah had a playdate here at the farm with her cousin, Hunter. The girls did what most farm kids do and played outside with the chickens, ducks and dogs. I try and throw a craft in too and you know what, life CAN be just about Unicorns and glitter….and Slime! So what […]