Author: Stephanie Ross

Messy homeschooling

When I was a teacher, I started meetings with parents by asking them to tell me about their child. I wasn’t trying to quiz them, though some may have felt that way. I mean, they hadn’t written everything down for the past five years and come in with a special 0-5 report especially for their child’s […]

A Day in the Life: Stephanie Ross

(Note: This is the third in a series of posts all about how we spend our days. You can read the first two posts here and here. As you’ll see from the sunny photos, Stephanie wrote this back in early fall. What a lovely time of year to think about right about now, with all this […]

Look at the birds

The last few weeks in Wenatchee have been interesting, haven’t they?! It was sooooo cold, and yet, there was so much going on. As for me and my family, we were holed up at home with the croup. The fever raged, and the cough robbed sleep. My self-employed husband hadn’t been able to go out […]

Pretty little boutique in Wenatchee

When my daughter and I were out gift hunting, we came across a great boutique on Yakima, just off the Ave. and kitty-corner to the museum. “Melange”, which is French. Their motto is: “A blending of all things beautiful.” I thought it was new; but apparently, only to me, as it’s been here for about […]

When I vacuum, I feel lucky.

Vacuuming is a major event in my home. Because… 1. Like a holiday, it comes but once a year. 2. It interrupts regular programming. 3. We rediscover the bliss of a clean, spacious family room! Ok, I vacuum more often than that, but I definitely have more exciting things to do. That is not meant […]

Women’s self-defense course offered in Wenatchee

I just got back from the first of a four-session women’s self-defense course being offered by KI Fighting Concepts, down off the corner of Columbia and Kittitas. I came back so pumped I had to drink tea and do yoga to calm down! I have a strong momma-bear mentality. We all have a bit of […]