Author: Rachel Bullis

Sugar cookies for all!

Food allergies, man. My 15-month-old daughter has had one bumpy ride with food since her first taste of solids at five-months-old. Banana, avocado, yogurt, eggs, peanut butter–you name it, almost every baby staple you can think of produced some kind of allergic response. Skin pricks and one blood draw later confirmed that my family’s food […]

The View from My Moon Roof

Last Friday, I ate Dilly Deli in my parked car at the bottom of Ninth Street. Alone. It was fabulous. You know that feeling when your three-day-old hair is resigned to a nasty knot on the top of your head, your smallest child cries unless held against your body by your fatigued right bicep, and […]

Why I quit throwing shade at my birth stories

Sad fact: Until recently, I never felt compelled to share the birth stories of my two children because my choice to opt for epidurals made me feel less-than as a mother. During my first pregnancy, I can remember an abundance of links to gripping, beautifully-written all-natural birth stories popping up on my Facebook feed. I […]

The magic of Apple Blossom

I grew up in the Wenatchee Valley so I know there are two kinds of people here — those who love the Apple Blossom Festival and those who roll their eyes and high-tail it out of town. Lump me in with the former. Sure, I’ve guffawed at the crowds and extra traffic with the best […]