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Two great films to watch now

Did you get a chance to see any of the documentaries at the Vox Docs Film Festival at the Snowy Owl Theater last weekend? It’s such a great festival every year but this year there were two films that I thought would particularly speak to young parents. The first was “The Mask You Live In,” “a thought […]

Far away love

Young mothers don’t know this yet, but it is so hard when your grown children live far away. I’m full of conflicted emotions about this. I have a daughter who lives in Sacramento which really isn’t too far, closer than her former San Diego home anyway. We do see her several times a year, Skype […]

December reflections

I’m curious if there are any older moms like me out there reading Wenatchee Mom Blog. When I first approached Kelli Scott about writing for it, she said something like I could write about how sad it is to have an empty nest. I think she was being facetious but I gave an emphatic “no” […]

What matters most

When I first heard about Wenatchee Mom Blog, I thought, “What a great idea!” And then I thought, “Those young mothers need me!” I’m an old mother — my kids are now 37 and 33 so what I have to offer you is the voice of perspective. Today the focus is on…The Holidays. My family celebrates Christmas, […]