Author: Lorna Rose

A poem about loss

The Disorder of Things By Lorna Rose Birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Days hang heavy. They feel cold and damp. They are reminders of days past. Conversations with your oldest are hard. “Mom, am I still a big brother?” It’s ok to explain. Baby showers are bittersweet. You’re happy, and yet – that used to be you, […]

Considering Claus

In the weeks before Christmas I was on the fence about introducing the idea of Santa to my 3-year-old. My husband and I had yet to bring the idea up to him. Playing Santa every year seemed like a lot of work, and it seemed kinda hokey. In no way did I want to add […]

All is calm: Staying sane during the holidays

I can hardly believe the holiday season is here. Can you? I think I’m with most folks when I say that while I love the decorations, the festivities and seeing loved ones, it’s also a stressful, busy time. Here are six ways to stay sane during this bustling season: 1. Acknowledge the stress and plan […]

The quiet ones: Embracing introversion

I’ll just put it out there: I’m an introvert. Many people who know me might be surprised. I’m relatively outgoing. I like being active in the community. I’m friendly and somewhat interesting. For years I worked in positions where extroversion is a cornerstone: public relations, sales, program management. While I can masquerade somewhat successfully as […]

Having your own thing and not apologizing for it

Some days are tranquil, and my kids play together well. My daughter naps when she’s supposed to, my son colors on the paper instead of on himself, and we can get the dog out for a walk. I can prepare dinner and even sneak glances at a magazine. Some days, not so much. Some days […]

How I became an exclusively pumping mom

You have a good and normal birth and are now blessed with a healthy baby. And he is hungry. You really, really want to breastfeed, so you give him what you can. But your milk isn’t quite in yet. You wait and wait and nurse and nurse. And wait. And Baby gets hungrier and hungrier. […]