Author: Lorna Rose

I see you.

To the woman who takes her autistic son to the splash pad because he loves the water, I see you. To the mama at Target watching her 4-year-old march alone into a men’s restroom for the first time, I see you. To the woman pumping breast milk on the plane next to her sleeping baby, […]

Always be the months

Last weekend my daughter turned two years old. I remember everything about the night she was born: how all day I had known the contractions were real, timing them after dinner and calling the midwife, being expected to give a family medical history to the nurse at the hospital when there’s a bowling ball raging […]

10 things my 4-year-old says

1. When I ask if he’s tired: “I’m only rubbing one eye, so that means I’m not tired.” 2. “Samantha (2-year-old sister), cover your mouth when you cough.” 3. “What does the snowman say when he melts?” 4. “What does the turtle say when we eat his shell?” 5. “What treat do I get if […]

A poem about loss

The Disorder of Things By Lorna Rose Birthdays, holidays, Mother’s Days hang heavy. They feel cold and damp. They are reminders of days past. Conversations with your oldest are hard. “Mom, am I still a big brother?” It’s ok to explain. Baby showers are bittersweet. You’re happy, and yet – that used to be you, […]

Considering Claus

In the weeks before Christmas I was on the fence about introducing the idea of Santa to my 3-year-old. My husband and I had yet to bring the idea up to him. Playing Santa every year seemed like a lot of work, and it seemed kinda hokey. In no way did I want to add […]