Author: Lorna Rose

TEAMS offers one-on-one parenting help

My four year-old is….well, he’s a challenge. He seems to live restlessly at the intersection of high intellect, struggling autonomy, and heightened sensitivity. He loves structure, and he needs to be engaged, both in a worthy activity and with a loved one (usually me) most to all of the time. He feels things deeply, and […]

A poem about pregnancy and loss

Congratulations! By Lorna Rose  Her name will be Victoria. Blond hair and pointy chin. She will cuddle and curl her toes and be mama’s girl. She will love musty smells and running barefoot. She will be a professor, a poet, a gymnast. Blood test. Missing chromosome. Likely to miscarry. When do you stop celebrating your […]

On being a cop’s wife

It’s Friday night, and I’m in my studio writing. Things are quiet except for my son’s white noise machine and the occasional shake of my dog’s head. The dishes are done and the kitchen is dark. The house is still. I can almost hear the candle burning in the corner. I love these nights. From […]

Books we love: Wilderness, adventure and history

Every night before bed, I try and get some reading time in. Even if it’s five minutes. Generally I read nonfiction, although I do make exceptions for Cormac McCarthy, Sherman Alexie, and author friends. I tend toward books of outdoor adventures, usually set in cold weather. Although not a rock climber myself, I love books […]

I see you.

To the woman who takes her autistic son to the splash pad because he loves the water, I see you. To the mama at Target watching her 4-year-old march alone into a men’s restroom for the first time, I see you. To the woman pumping breast milk on the plane next to her sleeping baby, […]