Author: Lorna Rose

Memories of the fire

Each evening when the wind picks up, I get nervous. It’s fire season after all, and on this side of the mountains, conditions always seem ripe for a blaze. A broken-down car, a tossed cigarette, a lightning strike. And then the summer wind carries it. Pretty quickly it threatens homes and causes evacuations, gathering in […]

The end of an era at Fred Meyer

As I was dropping my 3-year-old off at Fred Meyer’s Playland the other day, in anticipation of a quiet shopping trip (and maybe some breathing time at Starbucks), I heard some news that I thought worthy to pass along to my fellow parents: Fred Meyer is closing all its Playlands. That’s according to a Playland […]

On giving new moms room

My son’s birth six years ago went fine, but he had some feeding complications. When we were discharged from the hospital after the second day, my milk still wasn’t in yet. It’ll be in anytime, they kept reassuring me. But day #4 came, and it still wasn’t. I was too sleep-deprived, too overwhelmed (and probably […]

PSA: Please don’t imply that I don’t do anything

In my head I had an image of stay-at-home moms, and it was pretty much the stereotypical one: unkempt hair, sweatpants-clad, a loose, white t-shirt with a spit-up stain at the braless bosom. They watched TV all day and did laundry during commercials. They rocked their babies in a bassinet in their living rooms, slept […]