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Holiday Traditions: Syrup on Snow

It’s crazy. An absolutely crazy tradition that I blame Grandma for. From Halloween on, the kids look out the windows every morning to check for snow. There’s watching and waiting (and just a hint of whining) for snow.  And that would be totally normal — nothing to write about — if they wanted snow for playing, and […]

Blast shields, broken bottles and bouquets: the dangerous art of glass cutting with children

My wife left the house for a few hours, so I pulled a classic Let’s make something for Mom! on my three daughters. I got down the glass cutting kit I’d received for Christmas, blew off the dust, and set up a kitchen lab worthy of “Breaking Bad”…or should I say “Zootopia”? What followed was a comedy of errors. […]

Nonstop Knight: One dad’s story of faith

Do you ever feel like you’re in constant motion?  Need a break…or maybe an escape chute?  Maybe you just need to be sure that somebody is there (in your pocket) fighting for you. A couple of weeks ago, I found myself in a familiar situation. Pacing in a back bedroom… Hiding from my clamorous children… Strapped […]

Picture Books & Jelly

Are picture book performances the highlight of your day?  Not so much?  Here’s what we’re doing to invigorate reading in our home and (just maybe) other homes, as well. One of the perks of working with children’s books is the useful intel I gather on what books my own kiddos might enjoy.  This insider information combined with my love […]