Author: Kara Meloy

You are your child’s biggest fan: A felt pennant banner DIY

If you’re like me, your kids’ rooms are never fully decorated or “done”. Their interests change so often that investing in matching decor that will last longer than a year is a challenge. And really for boys, there isn’t much room decor that isn’t character-themed. You know what I’m talking about: Batman, Legos, and Minecraft, […]

Candied motherhood

It’s December and there’s still some leftover Halloween candy in our house. Shocking, I know. We lovingly call it The Stash, and it’s pretty much a member of the family now. We might have padded The Stash with after-Halloween sales and early Christmas stock just to keep it going. Don’t judge… have you been to […]

Handmade Holiday: DIY wrapping paper

One of my favorite things to do as I decorate for the holidays is to theme all the wrapping papered packages so that our tree looks really sharp. It’s probably the tiny touch of OCD in me, but I totally get bothered when there are 11 different wrapping papers used on packages under the tree. […]