Author: Kathryn Bonny


The year is 2016 and women are as in the spotlight as they ever have been, but this time it’s different. Women are heavily involved in politics, have high paying jobs, are extremely educated and juggle the financial responsibilities of their household while also raising their children (if they choose to have them) as best […]

Fits in public

Out at lunch the other day a few of us mom bloggers got on the subject of kids throwing fits in public and how parents react to this humiliating, yet inevitable occurrence. I’m a fan of trying new things, especially if those things tend to make my life easier as a parent. It might seem […]

All aboard the S.S. Panic

There is really no panic like that of a mother. It sounds so cliche and overstated, but the love and protection I feel for my children is not of this world, and I know other moms feel this same thing. I remember very well the first time I held Anna, my first, after she was born. […]

Did I just say that out loud?

Sometimes you have to step outside yourself to find humor in a frustrating situation. A lot of frustrating situations arise while raising children, and with that comes our response as parents. It’s funny to me to mentally rewind and assess what I’ve just said out loud and bask in the ridiculousness of it. I find […]

Running away from home

Mom Translator v2.0: “To mom From Anna Dresden is running away And Anna Bye, Mom I have to go” Ah, yes! The “I’m going to run away and never come back!” age. I knew this day would come, and I’m so glad it has. Why? It’s funny, and I enjoy trolling the kids as much […]

Don’t let the holidays get you down

The entire month of December is crazy. There’s snow on the ground, and people are driving like it’s their first time, as well as people driving like it’s their last. That combination along with those caught in the middle, the inevitable stresses of work before the holiday and having the time to get it all […]