Author: Kathryn Bonny

Pregnant lady rant: ridiculous ‘rules’ memes

Grumpy pregnant lady request #10003746: Stop sharing these ridiculous memes with rules for dating your son/daughter. Not only are they mostly unintelligible, they’re creepy and weird! Just. Stop. Sharing. This one specifically has been in the Facebook share rotation for quite a while, and I’ve seen it entirely too many times. So here is my […]

Endless summer

“Find something to do.” “Go outside.” “Please leave me alone for five minutes.” “If you’re going to run in the house go outside.” “Stay outside for at least 20 minutes before coming back in again.” These are all things I have said out loud to my children in the last hour. Summer vacation is the devil.


The year is 2016 and women are as in the spotlight as they ever have been, but this time it’s different. Women are heavily involved in politics, have high paying jobs, are extremely educated and juggle the financial responsibilities of their household while also raising their children (if they choose to have them) as best […]