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The joy of growing raspberries

We picked raspberries at dusk yesterday, delighting in how plentiful this crop has become for our family. We have strawberries, blueberries and a garden full of veggie plants. But it is our  raspberry bush, abundant in those sweet red goodies, that we love the most. Raspberries are one of the most expensive fruits to purchase, […]

My January survival guide

I rolled into January with what I think might be a December Hangover. I’m feeling a little like the weather lately… dead and cold inside. Just kidding. Sort of. Joyfully passing the time through January can be a struggle for moms. It’s too cold for the kids to play outside, we’re broke and living off […]

The freedom in vulnerability

Nearly two years ago, my beautiful friend and I sat inches apart, sharing our deepest struggles with each other. This friend was always forthright with me about the things she was striving to change about herself. I liked listening to her, watching her perfectly painted red lips as she spoke. She inspired me. On this […]

A season to prepare

Tonight, I am sitting alone on our deck, amidst strands of gleaming white patio lights and a yard of fresh cut green grass. The air is calm and crisp, and the crickets are noisy. This scene really never happens. I am making the time, and everyone has conveniently allowed me this peace. I am a […]