Author: Jana Fischback

The Earth Day Fair returns Saturday!

Sustainable Wenatchee’s 2nd annual Earth Day Fair is THIS SATURDAY at Pybus. Last year we were outside, but this year we’ve rented the LocalTel Event Center, so most of the event will be inside, with some things outside on Pybus’ back patio as well. Like last year, we’ll have a kids’ area with activities by […]

Don’t be an aspirational recycler

If you’ve followed along with my series on the three “Rs” —reduce, reuse, and recycle — then you already know that “recycle” is purposely listed as the last option because the other two are better choices. Still, single-stream recycling is a wonderful service that we should take advantage of. As moms, it seems we’re often the […]

Working towards zero waste: Reuse!

I’m back with a blog about the middle “R” in the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. I’ve talked about how these three R’s are in order, and how the first is arguably the best. But reusing has a special place in my heart. (What kind of a nerd must I be to write that sentence?).  […]

Three: It’s a magic number

“Three, it’s a magic number.” As in, the age your kids should be before you let them have some screen time? When I was pregnant with my daughter Genevieve, I read articles that said no screen time for kids 2 and under. Well, I learned pretty quickly that a five-hour road trip with no tablet […]

Sustaining the Wenatchee Valley for our kids: an introduction and an invitation

Hello Mom Blog readers! I’d like to introduce myself and invite you to a kid-friendly event this weekend. My name is Jana Fischback, I’m a Wenatchee native and the executive director of a new non-profit, Sustainable Wenatchee. Sustainable Wenatchee’s mission is to promote a culture of environmental stewardship in the Wenatchee Valley. We’re doing this […]