Author: Jana Fischback

Don’t be an aspirational recycler

If you’ve followed along with my series on the three “Rs” —reduce, reuse, and recycle — then you already know that “recycle” is purposely listed as the last option because the other two are better choices. Still, single-stream recycling is a wonderful service that we should take advantage of. As moms, it seems we’re often the […]

Working towards zero waste: Reuse!

I’m back with a blog about the middle “R” in the three R’s: reduce, reuse, recycle. I’ve talked about how these three R’s are in order, and how the first is arguably the best. But reusing has a special place in my heart. (What kind of a nerd must I be to write that sentence?).  […]

Three: It’s a magic number

“Three, it’s a magic number.” As in, the age your kids should be before you let them have some screen time? When I was pregnant with my daughter Genevieve, I read articles that said no screen time for kids 2 and under. Well, I learned pretty quickly that a five-hour road trip with no tablet […]

Sustaining the Wenatchee Valley for our kids: an introduction and an invitation

Hello Mom Blog readers! I’d like to introduce myself and invite you to a kid-friendly event this weekend. My name is Jana Fischback, I’m a Wenatchee native and the executive director of a new non-profit, Sustainable Wenatchee. Sustainable Wenatchee’s mission is to promote a culture of environmental stewardship in the Wenatchee Valley. We’re doing this […]