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A Day in the Life: Elizabeth Jones

(Note: This is the second in a new series of posts all about how we spend our days. You can read the first post here.) Several weeks ago I wrote a blog titled “A Day in the Life: Elizabeth.” I’m just sitting down to finally email that document for publishing and of course the document […]

Our family, one year after Alcoa

My family could be the poster children for the once thriving Alcoa family. January fourth marked exactly one year since my husband walked out of the gates at Alcoa for the last time. Thirteen days later our second child was born. Ever since then, it’s been a struggle to put the pieces of our life back […]

A picture’s worth

I’ve read several quotes reminding parents that little eyes are watching our every move but it wasn’t until I watched my 2-year-old daughter pick up my camera and attempt to hold it up to her little face that I realized just how much truth there was to those statements. More often than not, when I […]

Because of her.

When you think of Mother’s Day, you typically think of family gatherings, store-bought greeting cards, flowers, celebrations and happiness. When you log into your social media accounts you are met with numerous pictures of moms, long narratives written by grateful children, and a detailed account of the day’s festivities. It’s a joyous occasion for all, […]

In the picture

[This is the second in a series of posts by Elizabeth Jones about the importance of moms getting in the picture with their families.] The Monday morning after Easter, I grabbed my camera and threw my memory card into the laptop. I couldn’t wait to see the pictures that were captured of my daughter’s first […]

I was there, too.

If you are anything like me, the lives of your children are well documented. There isn’t a milestone that my camera has missed. One day my children will be able to look back at their chubby baby cheeks, toothless grins and first steps. I have daydreams of my someday grown children sitting down with their […]