Author: Eron Drew

Field Trip: Bellingham

I love the Wenatchee Valley. There’s hardly a time of the year when it doesn’t feel like the perfect place to be. I do however, like to take a field trip now and again to explore new possibilities and expose my children to other forms of Northwest culture, including the arts. Lately, I have been […]

The importance of learning a second language

It’s Tuesday afternoon, the day after Halloween. Today is the day of the week when my kiddos and some of their friends are met at the bus stop by Morgan Fraser, their Spanish teacher. Each week Morgan takes time out of her busy life to walk this crew down to our house where they will […]

Celebrate the harvest at the Leavenworth Community Farmers Market

Fall is such a beautiful and fun time of the year. In our region, Mid-October in particular is the last big hurrah before the fall rains arrive and winter begins to accumulate one flake at a time. Traditionally, farmers and their communities would celebrate through feasting, merriment, contests, music and a freedom from the necessity […]

The busy parent’s guide to canning tomato sauce

Wow, fall sure is a busy time of year (at least at our household). As a farming family, our work schedule during this part of the season is relentless. Add on top of that the start of the school year, the beginning of all those fun after school activities, the first round of colds and […]

Kids Makers Market is back again in Leavenworth

Maybe your children are a little bit like mine. For years, my kiddos have been asking for the opportunity to open their own business. Sometimes they create armfuls of friendship bracelets and necklaces or piles of hand-cut snowflakes. Sometimes they build mountains of beads out of fimo dough or build small bowls out of air-dry […]

Strawberry-rhubarb fruit leather

Sometimes, springtime offers up a small miracle: ripe strawberries and tangy rhubarb both ready for harvest at the same time. This is more uncommon than one might think. When it does happen, my children and I take the opportunity to make strawberry-rhubarb fruit leather. Fruit leathers are easy to make, provided you have the right […]