Author: Clara Field

Unconventional playgrounds

We have so many playgrounds in Wenatchee, and in spite of not enough benches for parents and the fact that the bathrooms are so far away (for a toddler that suddenly needs to go anyway) they’re pretty great. I especially like Walla Walla Point Park and my kids like “castle” park (Lincoln Park) and Confluence […]

On being mindful

As a mom, I find it hard to be mindful. I can imagine a future day when my brain is freed up enough to be mindful- but at the moment, my mind is so busy, so concerned with the needs and schedules of others, that I forget what I need, or what I was planning […]

The wild magic of childhood

Childhood is magical. It really is. It’s full of delight, wonder and awe. I have so many memories of elaborate imaginative games of my childhood. I remember specific days of my young life purely because that day we played something so magical it transported us to a different place altogether. The Waldorf method of education encourages […]

The magic of menu planning

Hi moms! I started doing regular week-long menu planning about a year and a half ago and it has been awesome, so I’m sharing what I do with hopes it may inspire you all. There’s a million ways to do this…I’m a basically a beginner but this is what has worked pretty well for me. […]

Signs of spring

We eat breakfast early and as we look out the windows at the still, cold world, my 7-year-old notices a robin high up on a branch. I walk out on the porch to wave goodbye to the kids and no longer feel myself tense up with the cold. After they have gone, I realize I hadn’t asked […]

Tips for an easier mom-life

Hey moms. I just thought I’d share my favorite tips and tricks for making mom-life a bit easier. We all know that regular meals, good sleep and exercise are good for everyone, but with children it seems especially so. Those basics plus a couple extras make up my best tips. 1. Early bedtimes and good […]